Which is the right manicure set for me?

You owe it to Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti to read this guide – the two of them started colouring their nails red, several thousand years ago, possibly creating the oldest fashion trend in the world. But manicure doesn’t only affect women, it’s equally important for men’s hands. 

A proper manicure is key for your health, beauty and care of your body health. Read here to learn how to take care of your nails and how to use our manicure sets properly!

The nail anatomy

To understand how a nail is composed and why it is so important to care about them. Let us start with the anatomy of your nails.

Function / Structure

Your nail plate consists of keratin. It protects your fingertips and toes from injuries and makes it easier to grip and handle small objects. Thanks to aforementioned keratin plate, your nails can be used as a tool, as a weapon or are perfect for scratching. The cuticle is the part that covers the nail on the side close to your body.

Nail growth

The nail growth starts from the side close to your body and the new cells push themselves towards the fingertip. This way your nails grow about 0.5-1.2 mm per week, while they are between 0.05 and 0.75 mm thick. The growth slows down when you get older.


Healthy nails are an absolute necessity for your wellbeing. A torn cuticle or a damaged nail can cause a painful inflammation – if left untreated, this not only uncomfortable, it could get dangerous!

What do you find in a manicure set?

You have never heard of a double instrument, cuticle pusher or cuticle knife? Don’t worry, here you will find out which instruments you find in one of our high-quality manicure sets:

Nail Scissors

High-quality nail scissors are the cornerstone of healthy nail care and therefore also of a good manicure set. Of course, their function is to cut fingernails and toenails. They are often manufactured in a curved shape – this makes it easier to cut the nails into a round shape. A scissor blade that is serrated on one side prevents the nail from slipping when cutting, thus ensuring safe and precise work.

Interested in nail scissors only? Then our 251 may be right for you.

Nail Clipper

A nail clipper performs the same tasks as nail scissors. Some people find working with it easier than with scissors and therefore prefer them. Especially with slightly thicker nails, like on your feet, for example, a clipper can show its advantages and score with a clean cut. Just try both instruments – your gut feeling will tell you which of the two you prefer working with.

Cuticle Scissors

A proper pair of cuticle scissors are tremendously important for your nail care. With them, you gently clip your cuticles and thus ensure healthy and inflammation-free hands and feet. Please only trim torn or dead skin and hangnails!

Here you can learn more about the DOVO cuticle scissors 234 – our little all-rounder!

Nail Nippers

You can also cut your nails with nail Nippers. The advantage is that you use more force and less pressure with them than with scissors and therefore take better care with ingrown or very thick nails. Due to its length, these instruments can also be guided very precisely, which is why many podiatrists swear by nail nippers. Another advantage of working with Nail Nippers is to cut cleanly and clearly without risking painful tearing of nails. Depending on the application, we offer very specialized instruments.

Cuticle Nippers

You should choose cuticle nippers if you are struggling with very stressed skin on your hands. Especially with torn nails, cuticle nippers are an absolute MUST for you. Cuticle nippers allow tight capping. They also enable you to set the blades clearly and tightly at the exact point where you want to work, without running the risk of slipping while working.

Nail Cleaner

As the name suggests, this instrument comes into play when cleaning your nails – regardless of whether toenails or fingernails. Many people start their nail cleaning with a nail brush to remove superficial dirt from the nail. In a second step, the use of a nail cleaner is worthwhile, since you can also take care of more stubborn dirt. You can easily remove dirt at the edge of the nail or under the nail. Depending on the manicure set, you will also find this tool as a double instrument, combined with a cuticle pusher.

Skin Pusher

The skin pusher is used to take care of cracked and frayed cuticles. In the sensitive area around the cuticles, sharp or pointed instruments should not be used to prevent injuries – soak the cuticles and push them back gently.


An absolute must in every manicure set. Regardless of whether you are plucking your eyebrows or removing a painful splinter – this task can only be solved frustration-free with precisely made tweezers. Depending on the width of the tweezers, there are different intended uses.

Here you can examine the DOVO tweezers 491 in more detail.

Skin Knife

With a Skin knife, you can cut off dead cuticles safely and precisely.

Nail File

The nails should be filed from the outside in. Position the file at a 45° angle has become the best practice when filing nails. Whether you file your nails round or pointed is up to your taste.


For decades, DOVO is famous for top-class manicure instruments. If you are interested in our exciting history we recommend this blog.

And what all of this has to do with our manicure sets, you can find out here:


When choosing the right steel grade, we have to find the perfect balance between toughness, hardness and cleanabilty. For each Model-Series we use different steel grades to ensure the best Effect of our instruments. Our professional instruments, for example, carry the medical “CE” mark and are also suitable for use by podiatrists.


At DOVO, we grind all of our scissor blades, whether straight, curved or toothed, entirely by hand. The high DOVO quality can only be guaranteed with the many years of experience of our grinders. . 

Build quality

We pay great attention to the first-class build quality of our instruments. Let us convince you about this fact: For example, the robust screw connection of our scissors and Nipper, the professional grinding of the instruments, as well as the minimal gap widths of each product. 

This is the best way to ensure precise and safe use. Many of our products are also “CE” certified and are suitable for sterilization and are therefore perfect for the hard everyday life of a podiatrist.


You haven’t quit reading yet and made it this far? Excellent! You deserve this conclusion:

With a little practice, everyone can master a good manicure, but only with high-quality instruments, you can care for your toenails and fingernails perfectly. We offer you the right manicure set for every requirement, starting with the small emergency kit for the handbag to the professional set, with which you can almost transform your bathroom into a nail salon. But they all have one thing in common: they are all Made in Germany and manufactured to the highest standard – the DOVO standard.

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Mark Twain once said, “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” – we say: “Your problem is a nail. And here is every tool imaginable to solve your problem.” Treat yourself to the perhaps best manicure set since American poets wrote about nails.

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