Safety Razors

With our MERKUR safety razors, you will not only have a thorough, comfortable close shave each morning, you will also get a timeless piece of craftsmanship. Learn more!


Straight Razors

A straight razor shave has always been an expression of personal freedom and lifestyle. Discover the traditional type of wet shaving. Are you ready?



Only the best is good enough for you? Then you are exactly right with us. Immerse yourself in the world of our personal care products!



Straight razors, strops and shaving brushes – this is how you take care of them!

To make you feel at home right away, we have a few tips for the right care and treatment of your straight razor, razor brush, and strop

How do straight razors differ from each other?

Carbon steel . . . half-hollow grind . . . 5/8 inch – too many technical terms?? Don’t worry, in the beginning, we were all a bit confused.

Instructions for a perfect wet Shave

It’s time for a real shave – a traditional wet shave with a safety razor or straight razor!


Store Locator

Find brick-and-mortar retailers in your area with our store locator. Our quality products are available at over several hundred stores in over 20 countries. Online Shoppers from around the world can also find various online shops that will provide you with DOVO and MERKUR products. Get your DOVO or MERKUR!

About DOVO

Learn more about DOVO and our over 100-year-old history. Acquired companies such as BISMARCK, our creative and competent employees and the passion for steel and love for detail characterise us still today. Read the whole story, how we made it from a small straight razor shop to one of the brand leaders in straight razors, safety razors and manicure instruments.