DOVO manicure and pedicure sets
for the highest demands

Experience nail care in perfection

Your nails only deserve the best. A claim that we have fulfilled for over 100 years.

Over 100 years of experience

For more than 100 years we have been manufacturing manicure and pedicure instruments in Solingen. With the concentrated know-how of our employees and the unique design, our instruments are highly precise, ergonomic and offer you a unique experience around your cosmetics - appreciated by professional users.

Your nail health!

Healthy and well-groomed nails are not only a must-have on the first date. However, a proper manicure and pedicure are also essential to your health. Whether a small nail emergency on the go or thorough care at home, with the DOVO sets, you are well prepared.

Ergonomic and powerful

A highlight of our products is a superb design. In the design process, we follow the guiding principle of form follows function. The result is perfect ergonomics and performance. Part of this ergonomics is, therefore, the matte finish - it ensures a secure grip even with wet hands.

The most modern steel alloys

To ensure excellent performance and long durability our nail care instruments are forged and refined from modern high-alloy stainless and carbon steels. The result contributes to maximum sharpness, robustness and cutting durability. If your instruments need to be resharpened we are happy to help you.

Made in Solingen

The city of Solingen is famous for its cutlery across the globe. For over a hundred years, we have been developing and producing nailcare instruments in Solingen. Over time much has changed; our experienced employees work in symbiosis with state-of-the-art CNC machines. In part, we have a manual work share of over 50% in our factories, so that each of these products is unique.

For every user!

Left-handers, diabetics and customers with special requirements are not left alone. With our left-hand nail scissors, left-handers can also achieve the best results in manicures with a specialized instrument. Our diabetic nail nippers have a rounded nail tip to protect you from puncture wounds.

Take care of your nails!

With curved nail scissors, you cut your fingernails into a rounded shape. Then you smooth out bumps and sharp edges with the nail file. Toenails should instead be cut with a straight line so that the nail can not grow into the skin. For people with sensitive or thick toenails, we recommend our nippers in podiatrist quality. They cut your toenails safely and comfortably.

For a long service life

We recommend lukewarm water for cleaning our nail clippers. If necessary, the instruments can be cleaned with detergent and a brush. After that, they should be wiped dry with a cloth. Especially with instruments made of carbon steel, a drop of acid-free oil ensures a long service life. Most of our nippers are made of stainless steel and can easily be sterilized and disinfected.

Your choice

In our product range, you will find sets that exactly match your preferences. No matter if it is the practical set with nail scissors and file for the go or the fully equipped case with nail cleaner, nail pusher, tweezers as well as skin and nail scissors. Our sets are not only of the highest quality but also present themselves in a superior cow or elk leather case of your choice.